More opportunities

The TechTarget model attracts more buyers in any given tech market, because our content is written specifically to support purchase decision making. We expose them in a buying context for you and lead you directly to the buying team members who are actively engaged in pre-purchase research.

It all starts with a search

We’re the world’s largest, most trusted publisher of enterprise tech purchase decision-support content. So when a buying team looks to solve a challenge, they search Google and end up on one of our more than 410,000 indexed pages.

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To get the best information, they opt in

Because of its value to buyers, our best material is registration-protected. When buyers want it, they register and give their permission for us to track and share their data with our clients. It’s a value exchange that over 30 million opt-in members willingly agree to.

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Unique data

Unique data, analyzed and delivered to you

Our Priority Engine™ intent data platform filters out the noise that other approaches let through. It feeds your teams the critical information on the key people in the accounts that matter to you most, without the annoying false positives typical of account-based models.

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Insights that compel action


Sales needs more real leads. Sales management needs more opportunities. Only TechTarget intent data gives you the precision and scale to maximize both. Since we’ve proven that 70%+ of accounts active in your target segment this quarter won’t be active next quarter, your marketing needs to be continuous, and your sellers need the ability to see their prospects, understand them and act on them immediately.

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