Be where more tech buyers search

Better targeting puts your brand in front of the right people specifically when they’re looking for you. That’s what TechTarget’s hyper-specific audiences are all about. With us, you will be in front of more technology buyers when they’re actively researching solutions. You’re better able to focus on contextually-relevant placements that drive the active consideration you seek.

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Engage real buyers when it matters

You want to be present and available when a buyer needs the solutions you offer. With TechTarget, you can, by directly aligning to content that solves business problems. That’s how to really matter. Our contextually-aligned banners engage more tech buyers when they’re actively receptive to you.

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Own maximum share of voice (SOV)

From the moment a search begins, you can be present throughout the buyer’s journey. By controlling the top keywords and leveraging best-in-class destination content, TechTarget’s Brand Takeover sponsorships powerfully position your brand.

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More powerful channels

Beyond advertising and unique ad distribution capabilities, BrightTALK® by TechTarget opens an entire world of deep awareness and consideration driven by the video-based programming more audiences now prefer.

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1st-party data-driven ABM

You want to target the right accounts and only the right people within them. You’re worried about waste and negative impact from out-of-control automation. As the leading 1st-party tech publisher on the web, our uniquely precise opt-in prospect level intent can solve these problems. TechTarget ABM solutions will work harder for you – you’ll align better with Sales, convert more and worry a lot less.

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More measurable ROI

TechTarget can automatically balance advertising and demand generation for you. Not just to the right accounts, but to the right people. Learn how real opt-in intent data fuels our integrated approaches. With real opt-in level intent data, we’ll build an integrated approach tailored to deliver more to your pipeline and bottom line.

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