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Desktop as a service vs. VDI: What's the difference?

For IT to choose between desktop as a service vs. VDI, they'll need to decide what's more important -- security and control or flexibility for development and maintenance.


Broadcom intends to divest VMware EUC: What's next?

Broadcom officially intends to divest itself of VMware EUC, leaving questions about where the end user computing division and VMware's desktop technologies might land.


Amazon thin client spurs conversation about replacing laptops

AWS bowed a new entry into the thin client space, which appeals to a limited audience of Amazon WorkSpaces-based orgs. What we really want is to ditch the work laptop for good.


Amazon makes waves with a new… thin client?

The new thin client combines the third-generation Fire TV Cube with a newly-built thin client operating system called Fire TV enterprise edition.

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    How to run Windows 365 on Mac

    IT teams must be prepared to deliver Windows 365 Cloud PCs to all sorts of endpoints -- not just Windows desktops. Admins can take steps to facilitate this access on Mac desktops.

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    graphics processing unit (GPU)

    A graphics processing unit (GPU) is a computer chip that renders graphics and images by performing rapid mathematical calculations.

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    Citrix StoreFront

    Citrix StoreFront is an enterprise application store that provides an interface for users to access Citrix Virtual Apps -- formerly XenApp apps -- and Citrix Virtual Desktops -- formerly XenDesktop -- remotely.

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