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Compound natural disasters emerge as new HR risk

Compounding natural disasters is something businesses will need to plan for. Employees face physical recovery and mental health issues, affecting work performance.


Top 16 applicant tracking systems of 2024

Applicant tracking systems can help companies succeed in a still-competitive hiring market. Learn more about some products to consider as well as their features.


8 critical talent acquisition and recruitment trends in 2024

The rise of AI, remote work issues, and competency-based hiring are just a few of the trends recruiters and talent acquisition teams must contend with in 2024.


Recruiting tech glitch adds to military's recruiting struggles

The U.S. Navy, Army and Air Force all faced recruiting shortfalls this year thanks to labor market competition. But challenges include inadequate recruiting technology.

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    12 applicant tracking system features to look for

    HR leaders should look for certain applicant tracking system features when evaluating potential ATSes. Learn which features are most important.

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    4 benefits of succession planning

    Succession planning can help companies in various ways, including reducing business disruption and recruitment costs. Learn more about some of the benefits.

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    employee resource group (ERG)

    An employee resource group is a workplace club or more formally realized affinity group organized around a shared interest or identity.

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