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Infusion of generative AI into analytics a work in progress

Many vendors have introduced tools that integrate LLM technology with their platforms, but most are still refining the tools to ensure their accuracy and security.


Knime updates analytics platform with new GenAI capabilities

The vendor's latest release improves the accuracy of its GenAI chatbot, including citations so users can know the source of the chatbot's responses, and features a new UI.


AWS unveils Amazon Q in QuickSight to add more generative AI

The tech giant's new generative AI chatbot could help more employees within organizations work with data by enabling them to query and analyze data using conversational language.

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Generative AI won't replace data analysts

Generative AI isn't going to replace data analysts. It can help analysts be more effective, but it lacks human insights and knowledge to properly do the job.

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    sentiment analysis

    Sentiment analysis systems help organizations gather insights into real-time customer sentiment, customer experience and brand reputation.

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    big data analytics

    Big data analytics is the often complex process of examining big data to uncover information -- such as hidden patterns, correlations, market trends and customer preferences -- that can help organizations make informed business decisions.

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    advanced analytics

    Advanced analytics is a broad category of inquiry that can be used to help drive changes and improvements in business practices.

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