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Tutorial: How to use Linux Deja Dup to back up and restore files

Deja Dup isn't advertised as a backup tool, but that doesn't mean you can't use it for data protection. Find out how to use Linux Deja Dup for backup and restore in this tutorial.


Veeam exec illustrates how AI fits into backup, recovery

Veeam CTO Danny Allan details the impact of AI on backup and how his company uses the tech. He also discusses what he's heard from users about Broadcom's VMware acquisition.

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Tutorial: Use Linux cpio to back up and restore files

There are many ways of backing up files on Linux devices. The cpio utility copies contents out of the file system and into an archive to create reliable backups.

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Dump and restore: Helpful backup utilities for Linux users

Dump and restore are two Linux utilities that help ensure reliable backups. From utility installation to restoring file systems, this tutorial is for Linux users of all levels.

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